In 2023
Rogers Documentary Fund$3,262,95350
Rogers Cable Network Fund$4,582,87918
Rogers Telefund$15,600,00022
Total to date
Rogers Documentary Fund$55,953,0971,110
Rogers Cable Network Fund (ended in 2023)$158,300,000648
Rogers Telefund$480,638,000914
Theatrical Documentary Program (ended in 2020)$4,162,50057

How do we help Canada’s film and television industry thrive?

We created a group of funds to meet the needs of independent producers of innovative, creative content. A diverse group of Canadian producers received $18.5 million in support from the Rogers Group of Funds in 2018.

The RGF Portal is the only way to apply for funding. Portal access is simple – read the operating instructions, then visit the portal to register and apply.

The RGF Portal is smart. And simple.

1. Read the portal operating instructions.

Portal Operating Instructions
Everything you need to know about how to access and use the RGF Portal.

2. Visit the portal to register for access.

3. Apply for funding on the portal here.