Media Release March 28, 2022

Introducing the RGF Portal.

The new (and only) way to apply for support from Rogers Group of Funds.

On March 28, 2022, Rogers Group of Funds launched their all-new RGF Portal.

Producers now apply for support from Rogers via the portal – and only the portal – which dramatically streamlines the application-for-funding process for both producers and RGF.

The RGF Portal is smart. And simple.
1. Producers visit the RGF Portal via a link on the Rogers Group of Funds site.
2. Register for access.
3. Apply for funding.

Current and pending applications will be processed outside the portal.

Rogers Group of Funds offers support to Canadian independent producers with three different types of funding: Rogers Telefund offers loans to Canadian independent producers; Rogers Documentary Fund, Canada’s premier source of funding for documentary films and Rogers Cable Network Fund, an equity investor in Canadian programs with a first play on a Canadian cable channel.

Three different types of financing. Three different funds. All from one source – Rogers.

For further information, please contact:

Robin C. Mirsky 
Executive Director, Rogers Group of Funds
416 935 2526