Media Release August 13 2018

Rogers Documentary and Cable Network Fund Board of Directors announces its latest funding
decisions from its Rogers Cable Network Fund application deadline June 20, 2018.

TORONTO, CANADA – August 13, 2018

Rogers Documentary and Cable Network Fund has confirmed equity investments to 19 television projects
totaling $4,684,332.

Saving the Greatest Horse
Ever Designed
Infield Fly Productions Dugald Maudsley
Jonny Young
Gillian Main
Fiona White
Janice Forsyth
Marion Gruner
The Documentary Channel
Killjoys, Season V Killjoys IV
Productions Limited
Ivan Schneeberg
David Fortier
Michelle Lovretta
Adam Barken
Karen Troubetzkoy
Stefan Pleszczynski
Space, SyFy (US)
Meat the Future Meat the Future Inc. Gordon Henderson
Janice Dawe
Chris Hegedus
Liz Marshall
Documentary Channel
You Are Here: A 9/12 Story M.D.F. Productions Inc. Peter Gentile
Bill House
The Movie Network
Pure, Season II Two East Productions Inc. Peter Emerson
Brett Burlock
David MacLeod
Michael Amo
Super Channel
Wild Bear Rescue,
Season 3
Wild Bear 3 Productions Ltd. Gabriela Schonbach
Michael Chechik
David Gullason
Brad Quenville
Animal Planet
Dr. Keri: Prairie Vet,
Season 2
Big Lake Vet 2 Films Inc. Merit Jensen Carr
Mary Margaret Frymire
Alexa Rosentreter
Animal Planet
Drive Sunday Night
Entertainment Inc.
Scott Harper
Nida Marji
The Documentary Channel
Future History,
Season 2
Future History Season 2 Inc. Jennifer Podemski
Kris Nahrgang
Janice Dawe
Kathy Avrich-Johnson
Geoff Ewart
D-Day 75 Yap Films Inc. Elliott Halpern
Elizabeth Trojian
Robin Bicknell
History Television
Gordon Lightfoot: If You
Could Read My Mind
Insight Lightfoot Ltd. John Brunton
John Murray
Martha Kehoe
Joan Tosoni
CBC and Documentary
The Murders Murders Productions
(VAN) Inc.
Jesse Prupas
Damon Vignale
Jessica Lucas
Jaime Goehring
FX Canada
A Place of Tide and Time 6842887 Canada Inc. Jean-Simon Chartier The Documentary Channel,
Bad Blood, Season 2 Jelly Bean Productions Inc.
and 9371 9391 Quebec Inc.
Mark Montefiore
Josee Vallee
Michael Konyves
Paula Smith
Alison Lea Bingerman
Simon Barry
Cameron MacLaren
FX Canada
A.I. God Fathom Film Group Ltd. Ann Shin
Hannah Donegan
Paranormal 911 Bristow Global Media Inc. Julie Bristow
Marlo Miazga
Tara Elwood
Ryan Dias
Blue Ant Media (T&E)
Tribal Prairie Dog Film + Television Ron E. Scott
Janet Hamley
Carmen Bachez
Rex Shaftesbury Development Inc. Christina Jennings
Scott Garvie
July Lacey
Paul Pope
FX Canada
The Fence Tortuga Films Inc. Viveka Melki
Adam Pajot Gendron
Documentary Channel
Agents of Influence Eye Steel Film Inc. Mila Aung-Thwin
Daniel Cross
Bob Moore
Neil Brandt
Dan Jawitz
Animal Planet

The Rogers Group of Funds offers support to Canadian independent producers with three different types of funding: Rogers Telefund offers loans to Canadian independent producers; Rogers Documentary Fund, Canada’s premier source of funding for documentary films and Rogers Cable Network Fund, an equity investor in Canadian programs with a first play on a Canadian cable channel. Three different types of financing. Three different funds. All from one source – Rogers.

Application deadline for the Rogers Cable Network Fund is Wednesday, October 3, 2018.

Guidelines and Application Forms for 2018 can be obtained at

For further information, please contact:

Robin C. Mirsky 
Executive Director, Rogers Group of Funds
416 935 2526