“Our Gemini-winning productions – including ‘Shipbreakers’ and ‘Tiger Spirit’ – were propelled forward by Rogers Group of Fund contributions. Their support made a huge financial difference, and was a shot in the arm for our creative team, too.”
Ed Barreveld
CEO, Storyline Entertainment
“We make films that make a difference – and that are entertaining for audiences at home and abroad. Our films have helped victims of sex trafficking, abused children, and refugees, and have won numerous prizes, including an unprecedented three Emmys for ‘Investigative Journalism’. None of this would have been possible without Rogers.”
Simcha Jacobovici
Director/Producer, Associated Producers Ltd.
“A crucial role in financing some of the country´s best television – that´s what the Rogers Group of Funds plays. We´ve been incredibly fortunate to have their commitment to this industry – and our work – over all these years.”
Robert Lang
President/Executive Producer, Kensington Communications
“The Rogers Group of Funds is absolutely essential to the development of quality Canadian television and film. The funds are consistent and substantial, and are administered with a real understanding of this industry.”
Jamie Kastner
Producer/Director, Cave 7 Productions
“To compete in the global marketplace, you have to kick production values up a notch. The Rogers Cable Network Fund helped us do just that. We were picked up by HGTV in Canada and the U.S. and are selling around the world.”
Kit Redmond
President, RTR Media
“The Rogers Cable Network Fund supported us at key points in our growth as a company. The fund has been a real partner – helping us make great series that sell around the world.”
David Paperny
President, Paperny Films


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