Rogers Telefund

Rogers Telefund, established in 1980 by Rogers Communications, provides financing assistance for the production of quality Canadian television programming.

Rogers Telefund operates primarily as an interim or bridge lender, advancing funds against secured commitments to eligible, independent Canadian producers in order that production can be completed before all production-financing payments are advanced. Secured commitments usually take the form of Canadian broadcast license agreements and funding agencies´ equity investment agreements and commitments from the Canada Media Fund. The Telefund´s interim loans fulfill a critical need in the financing of independent Canadian productions by providing funds when they are most needed -- at the production stage.

The Telefund, now in excess of $36 million, is a revolving fund; as monies are repaid, they become available to fund other projects. Rogers is proud to be associated with many of Canada´s most talented production companies, helping to support programming that appeals to audiences both at home and abroad. Many of the shows that the Telefund has assisted have won numerous awards and continue to sell around the world. Rogers Telefund encourages projects from all regions in Canada and a significant portion of its commitments is made to projects produced outside Toronto and Montreal.

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