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Rogers Documentary Fund
temp A Day in the Life of Earth CC/DV
Yap Day Productions Inc.
Elliott Halpern, Elizabeth Trojian,
Jasper James

A Day in the Life of Earth is the story of
our planet's geology on a human time
scale. A new era of science allows us to
watch as the Earth moves, breathes,
shrinks and grows, and all within just 24
Alphee photo still Almost Almost Famous CC/DV
Almost Almost Famous Productions Inc.
Merit Jensen Carr, Luanne Lank
CBC, Documentary Channel, Canal D
A talented group of celebrity imperson-
ators struggle to forge their own kind of
fame while navigating life on the road
with an unconventional road manager.
Alphee photo still Angèle en quatre temps CC/DV
ID Vision Films II
Martine Tremblay, Dan Shannon
This feature documentary tells the
unconventional story of virtuoso violinist
and best-selling classical artist Angèle
Dubeau and her incredible journey from
a small Québec town to Julliard and,
eventually, to the world stage.
Alphee photo still Avortement 2.0: vivre leur vie CC/DV
10525367 Canada Inc.
(Intuitive Pictures)
Ina Fichman, Luc Martin-Gousset
Three different women; three different
countries. By sharing their own abortion
stories, they speak about the feminine
condition today. What has been gained
and what has been lost, compared to
their mothers' generation?
Alphee photo still Bienvenue au Canada CC/DV
Argus Films
Carmen Garcia
The challenges of integrating immigrants
seen through the work of social workers
at Québec's Direction de la Protection
de la Jeunesse. The film focuses on the
psycho-social distress that sometimes
leads to serious conflicts within families.
Alphee photo still Carmine Street Guitars CC/DV
Sphinx Productions
Ron Mann
A week in the life of Carmine Street
Guitars, located in storied Greenwich
Village. Prominent musicians drop by
to chat with owner Rick Kelly, who
builds guitars using 200-year-old wood reclaimed from New York City buildings.
Alphee photo still Catwalk:
Tales from the Cat Show Circuit
Judy Holm, Michael McNamara, Aaron

CBC, Documentary Channel
Catwalk is a raucous journey to the
heart of the animal world's most colour-
ful subculture: competitive cat showing.
This story of impassioned personalities
and intense rivalries is packed with
pathos, humour and ultimately redemp-
Alphee photo still Cerveau sonore CC/DV
8732094 Canada Inc.
Frederic Bohbot, Isabelle Raynaud,
Valerie Shamash

Through compelling individual stories,
Cerveau sonore (Music & the Brain)
focuses on the vast healing powers of
music and sound.
Alphee photo still Champions CC/DV
9355-1752 Québec Inc.
Philippe Miquel
They are Canadian athletes with an
intellectual disability. One of them is my
younger brother. Their ultimate goal: to
participate in the 2019 Special Olympics
World Games in Abu Dhabi. This film fol-
lows their journey.
Alphee photo still Consolation: la résilience par le chant CC/DV
Les Productions Flow Inc.
Stéphanie Verrier, Vali Fugulin
Ce documentaire musical va à la ren-
contre d'humains exceptionnels qui sur-
vivent à des stress, déracinements ou
é́preuves grâce au chant. Ce film
explore le chant comme source de
courage et de résilience.
Alphee photo still Des gens à part CC/DV
Picbois Productions
Karine Dubois
Des gens à part takes a school-year-
long look at the teachers and educators
at École St-François in Québec who
work with children with severe learning
disabilities and behavioural problems.
Alphee photo still En attendant Raif CC/DV
Macumba Media II Inc.
Patricio Henriquez, Luc Côté,
Colette Loumède

Since 2013, Raif Badawi's wife and chil-
dren have fought to free him from a
Saudi Arabian jail, where he was sen-
tenced to 10 years and a thousand lash-
es. His crime? Writing a blog asking for
reforms to an absolute monarchy.
Alphee photo still Gordon Lightfoot:
If You Could Read My Mind
Insight Lightfoot Ltd.
John Brunton, John Murray, Martha
Kehoe, Joan Tosoni

This world-class documentary film will
tell the compelling human story of a
Canadian icon, Gordon Lightfoot. It is an
in-depth exploration of his artistry and
influence on the music industry,
Canadian consciousness and history.
Alphee photo still
Photo: Spirit Energy of Mother Earth
by Norval Morrisseau (front & back)
House of Invention CC/DV
Jamie Kastner, Laura Baron Kastner
TVO, Knowledge Network
Buying a painting, apparently the work of
indigenous icon Norval Morrisseau,
leads the Barenaked Ladies' Kevin
Hearn into the brutal world of art forgery.
Alphee photo still I Think You've Been Looking for Me CC/DV
Bunbury Films Inc.
Frederic Bohbot
CBC/Documentary Channel
After 48 years of emotional longing, a
mother meets the son she had relin-
quished at birth.
Alphee photo still
Corus Image
Ice Bridge CC/DV
Yap Ice Bridge Productions Inc.
Elliott Halpern, Elizabeth Trojian
CBC, Smithsonian Channel, France
Télèvisions Yesterday/UKTV
A group of archaeologists are on a mis-
sion to prove their theory of an epic
cross-Atlantic journey that Europeans
took 6,000 years before inhabitants
arrived in the Americas from the West.
Alphee photo still Is This Live? Inside the Wild Early
Years of MuchMusic: The Nation's
Music Station
Joel Goldberg Productions Inc.
Ed Conroy, Joel Goldberg,
Christopher Ward, David Kines

Bell Media Inc., Hollywood Suite
Focussing on the first 10 years of
MuchMusic, Is This Live? features inter-
views with the VJs, the bands, the
behind-the-scenes people and the fans
whose lives were forever changed.
Alphee photo still La maison des Syriens CC/DV
Les productions Calembredaines inc.
(Les vues du fleuve)
Christian Fournier, Nadine Beaudet
In the Portneuf region in Québec, com-
mittees sponsoring Syrian refugees were
set up in three different places, and each
of them is now working hard to welcome
a family. But the challenges they need to
address are adding up.
Alphee photo still Le camping amplifié CC/DV
Louise Lalonde Productions
Louise Lalonde
Découvrez les amateurs du « glamping »
– nomades qui bravent les éléments
de la nature ... en confort de luxe?
Alphee photo still L'hiver des Coasters CC/DV
Tortuga Film Productions III Inc.
Adam Pajot Gendron, René Turcotte
In one of the most remote regions of Eastern Canada, filmed over four sea- sons, three unique cultural communities (Innu, franco-phone and anglophone) struggle and strive
to preserve their way of life.
Alphee photo still Libération conditionnelle CC/DV
Productions Mi-Lou
Louisa Dery, Michèle Grondin
The film looks at women's status in four
regions of the planet – Tunisia, France,
the United States and Canada – explain-
ing why the mixing of religion and poli-
tics leads inevitably to the erosion of
women's rights.
Alphee photo still Making Coco: The Grant Fuhr Story CC/DV
Off the Post Productions Inc.
Don Metz, Kevin Lowe, Adam Scorgie,
Shane Fennessey

Rogers Sportsnet
Grant Fuhr was the first black superstar
in hockey. He won 403 regular-season
NHL games and is a member of the
2003 class of the Hockey Hall of Fame.
Making Coco is the story of Fuhr's life,
on and off the ice.
Alphee photo still Met While Incarcerated CC/DV
Play Nice Productions Inc.
Catherine Legge, Diana Warmé
CBC, Documentary Channel
This is a documentary about confronting
our beliefs about crime and punishment,
good and evil, and forgiveness and
redemption through the personal stories
of three wives seeking grace for the
offenders they love.
Alphee photo still Mommy Wildest CC/DV
MW Project Inc.
Mark Starowicz, George Flak,
Caitlin Starowicz, Diana Warmé

Lions, elephants and baboons: three sis-
terhoods of the savannah, where moth-
ers rule and the daughters inherit the
Alphee photo still Nahanni: River of Forgiveness CC/DV
River of Forgiveness Productions Ltd.
Gordon S. Henderson, Geoff Bowie,
Michael Allder

Documentary Channel
The Dene, Indigenous people in
Canada's Northwest Territories, build a
14-metre mooseskin boat and navigate it
down the Nahanni River, one of the
wildest rivers in the world.
Alphee photo still Prosecuting Evil: The Extraordinary
World of Ben Ferencz
Melbar Entertainment Group
Barry Avrich, Martin Katz, Caitlin
Cheddie, George Chignell

This is a powerful and moving biography
of the last living Nuremberg prosecutor,
Ben Ferencz. At 98 years of age, Ben is
one of the most intriguing and persua-
sive advocates for justice in the world.
Alphee photo still Searching for Winnetou CC/DV
1962533 Ontario Corp.
Paul Kemp
Ojibway Drew Hayden Taylor reveals the
intense German obsession with
Indigenous North Americans.
Alphee photo still Shekinah Rising CC/DV
Shekinah 2 Productions Inc.
Ina Fichman, Irene Angelico, Abbey

Documentary Channel, SRC, RDI
There is a belief among Lubavitch
Hasidim that the Messiah is coming. But
before the Messiah can transform the
world into paradise, Shekinah, the femi-
nine aspect of God, has to rise. Women
will lead the way into the new era.
Alphee photo still Shut Him Down:
The Jordan Peterson Story
Holding Space Films Ltd.
Paul Kemp, Patricia Marcoccia,
Maziar Ghaderi

This film follows the pronoun controversy
surrounding popular U of T professor
Jordan Peterson, exploring the limits of
free speech, the intersection of rights
and responsibility and the quest for iden-
tity in politically polarized times.
Alphee photo still Something in the Air CC/DV
Zoot Pictures Inc.
Leslea Mair
CBC/Documentary Channel
Air pollution is one of the leading causes
of death and illness worldwide.
Something in the Air shows us what that
pollution is, where it comes from and
how it's affecting us in ways we never
Alphee photo still Spying on Animals CC/DV
2345469 Ontario Inc.
Scott Harper, Nida Marji
Innovations in remote, unmanned cam-
eras now let us witness animal behav-
iour anywhere on Earth. This is a
revolution for scientists, a wellspring for
new emotional connections with nature
and an inspirational force for conserva-
Alphee photo still
Photo © White Pine Pictures
The Big Sleep CC/DV
Parallax Film Productions Inc.
Ian Herring, Maija Leivo
CBC, Documentary Channel
For a near-universal behaviour, sleep
seems a time-consuming, if not danger-
ous, requirement in the animal kingdom.
The Big Sleep unravels the secret
behaviours and oddities of the most
extreme sleepers in the wild.
Alphee photo still The Fruit Machine CC/DV
SandBay Entertainment Inc.
Derek Diorio, Sarah Fodey, Han Nguyen
Survivors of the four-decades-long
homosexual witch hunt recount their per-
sonal stories of dedication and their
betrayal at the hands of the Canadian
Alphee photo still The Good Nazi CC/DV
AP Major Plagge Productions Ltd.
Simcha Jacobovici, Felix Golubev
ZoomerMedia Ltd., KAN Israel
Our film tells the story of Major Karl
Plagge, the people that he tried to res-
cue and the individuals who survived
because of him. It's a story of heroism
and moral choices in the most immoral
of times.
Alphee photo still The Heat: A Kitchen Revolution CC/DV
Alice B. Productions Inc.
Maya Gallus
It takes a brazen personality to excel in
the world of professional cooking, and a
woman can only ascend the ranks if she
can take the heat. Meet seven women
chefs at the forefront of a "revolution."
Alphee photo still The Memory Illusion CC/DV
Josh Freed Productions III Inc.
Josh Freed, Janet Torge
CBC, Documentary Channel
Many recent studies are probing the
fragility and unreliability of the human
memory — with huge implications for
justice, psychology and our own sense
of who we are. How will our lives change
if memory is just an illusion?
Alphee photo still The Redcoats Are Coming CC/DV
Suddenly SeeMore Productions Inc.
Morgan Elliott
In less than four months, 220 teenage
performers will take part in the pinnacle
event for marching bands. These musi-
cians are disciplined, motivated and tal-
ented. The stakes are high. They have
one chance to get it right.
Alphee photo still The Shadow of Gold CC/DV
Kensington Communications Inc.
Robert Lang, Sally Blake
TVO, Canal D, Knowledge Network
The Shadow of Gold documentary inter-
weaves the stories of the richest and
poorest people caught up in the quest
for gold and reveals the human cost of
the ultimate talisman of wealth, beauty
and power.
Alphee photo still There Is a House Here CC/DV
Primitive Entertainment Inc.
Michael McMahon, Kristina McLaughlin,
Kevin McMahon, Tatanniq Idlout,
Ali Weinstein

Guided by his friend, legendary Inuit
rock musician Tatanniq Idlout, filmmaker
Alan Zweig travels to Nunavut to see for
himself what his friend has been telling
him about life in the North.
Alphee photo still Un homme sage-femme CC/DV
Productions Triangle Inc.
Pauline Voisard
For Louis Maltais, the first man to enter
Québec's midwife program, learning how
to belong to this world of women and be
a part of an event as exquisitely private
and precious as giving birth is an amaz-
ing privilege and a great adventure.
Alphee photo still Untying the Knot CC/DV
1207554 Ontario Inc. (In Sync Media)
Lalita Krishna, Katy Swailes
Documentary Channel
The story of Rumana Monzur, a
Bangladeshi-Canadian woman who is
overcoming a vicious domestic attack in
order to achieve her dreams.
Alphee photo still You Are Here: A 9/12 Story CC/DV
M.D.F. Productions Inc.
Peter Gentile, Bill House
Bell Media Inc.
This intimate feature documentary goes
deep into the community of Gander,
Newfoundland when 38 airliners carrying
over 6,500 passengers were forced to
land at their airport after the terrorist
attacks on 9/11.

Feature Length

in partnership with Telefilm Canada
Alphee photo still Carmine Street Guitars CC/DV
Sphinx Productions
Ron Mann
A week in the life of Carmine Street
Guitars, located in storied Greenwich
Village. Prominent musicians drop by to
chat with owner Rick Kelly, who builds
guitars using 200-year-old wood
reclaimed from New York City buildings.
Alphee photo still
Photo: Spirit Energy of Mother Earth
by Norval Morrisseau (front & back)
House of Invention CC/DV
Jamie Kastner, Laura Baron Kastner
TVO, Knowledge Network
Buying a painting, apparently the work of
indigenous icon Norval Morrisseau,
leads the Barenaked Ladies' Kevin
Hearn into the brutal world of art forgery.
Alphee photo still La terre vue du coeur avec Hubert Reeves CC/DV
Jane Losa Films Inc.
Marie-Dominique Michaud, Chantale
Pagé, Jacques Blain

Hubert Reeves, astrophysicist, is a
major figure of the ecology movement in
the French world. His work explores the
new alliances needed between man and
nature to save our only habitable home
in the cosmos. This documentary com-
municates this crucial message.
Alphee photo still Long Time Running CC/DV
The Hip Doc Inc.
Scot McFadyen, Rachel McLean
Bell Media Inc.
Long Time Running follows The
Tragically Hip's iconic 2016 Man
Machine Poem cross-Canada tour and
final concert in their hometown of
Kingston, after the band's announce-
ment that lead singer Gord Downie was
diagnosed with incurable brain cancer.
Alphee photo still Lepage au soleil CC/DV
EMAfilms Inc.
Anne-Marie Gélinas
Lepage au soleil follows theatrical
genius Robert Lepage on a journey with
the renowned Théâ du Soleil de Paris
as they create a play about the First
Nations people of Canada from coloniza-
tion to today.
Alphee photo still Mad Dog & The Butcher, le film CC/DV
9257 8285 Qc inc. (Vélocité International
- Divertissement Breakout)
Valérie Bissonnette, Bruno Rosato, Vito
Balenzano, Michel Martel

With the young director Thomas Rinfret,
embark on this fascinating journey with
Paul Vachon as they wander North
America revealing the joy and cost of fol-
lowing in the footsteps of the world's
most loved and hated wrestler, his dear
brother, "Mad Dog."
Alphee photo still Send Us Your Brother CC/DV
Notice Pictures Inc.
Cornelia Principe, Nisha Pahuja
TVO, Knowledge Network
Send Us Your Brother is about the mak-
ing of the modern Indian man by follow-
ing the story of a few difficult, violent,
fearful men and the men who are trying
to change them.
Alphee photo still The Triumph of the 80's: A Rock and Roll Machine CC/DV
Revolver Films Inc.
Martin Katz, Karen Wookey, Don Allan,
Rob Allan

Bell Media Inc.
This documentary is a lightning-edge
ride into the 80's through Triumph, the
internationally renowned Toronto-based
power trio that established awe-inspiring
new standards in live music, within the
context of the period's cultural and tech-
nological innovations that continue to
shape our lives today.

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