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temp A Kandahar Away CC/DV
Kitab Productions Inc.
Shelley Saywell, Deborah Parks
Documentary Channel
When a family from Kandahar,
Afghanistan, buys land in the rural
Canadian village of Kandahar,
Saskatchewan, their journey reveals
the generational tensions in this
immigrant family.
Alphee photo still Blood and Water, Season 2 CC/DV
2447134 Ontario Inc.
Ira Levy, Peter Williamson,
Michael McGuigan, Nat Abraham,
Diane Boehme, Al Kratina,
Steph Song, Ben Lu
The series, produced in English,
Mandarin and Cantonese, features
Detective Jo Bradley as she delves into
murder cases and winds up discovering
more than she bargained for.
Alphee photo still Carter CC/DV
Collingwood TV Productions (I) Inc.
Michael Souther, Teza Lawrence,
Garry Campbell, Victoria Hirst
Harley Carter, Hollywood star of a hit
prime-time detective series, travels back
to his sleepy hometown in Canada
where he uses his acting experience
to become a real-life detective.
Alphee photo still Dr. Keri: Prairie Vet CC/DV
Merit Motion Pictures Inc.
Merit Jensen Carr, Mary Margaret
Frymire, Alexa Rosentreter
Animal Planet
Dr. Keri travels the roads of northern
Manitoba in her high-tech mobile clinic.
Whether it's townie pets or farm animals,
wild dogs or cat rescues, her mission
is tending to the needs of the animals
she loves.
Alphee photo still Employable Me, Season 2 CC/DV
Thomas Howe Associates Inc.
Thomas Howe, Katie Lafferty,
Penny Wheelwright, Stefanie Haist
Employable Me features extraordinary
job-seekers who prove that having a
disability or neurological condition should
not make them unemployable.
Alphee photo still First Across the Line CC/DV
Mushkeg Productions Inc.
George Hargrave, Paul Rickard,
Nelson Milley
An inspiring documentary series that
explores the rich history of Aboriginal
athletes and their impact on the youth
of today who are inspired to make their
own personal impact in their sports.
Alphee photo still Hellfire Heroes CC/DV
10165697 Canada Inc.
Jacquelin Bouchard, Sylvie Desrochers,
Nicola Merola, Charles Lafortune
Discovery Canada
Hellfire Heroes follows the daring and
heroic exploits of the Slave Lake fire
department as they serve their commu-
Alphee photo still Killjoys, Season 4 CC/DV
Killjoys IV Productions Limited
Ivan Schneeberg, David Fortier,
Michelle Lovretta, Adam Barken
Space, SyFy (US)
Season 4 sees our scattered heroes
finding a way back to each other – and
learning about the newest threat to the
Quad: "The Lady." It will be up to the
team to figure out how to stop her.
Alphee photo still Made By Destruction, Season 2 CC/DV
Yap MxD II Productions Inc.
Elliott Halpern, Elizabeth Trojian,
Rob Scott
Discovery Canada, Discovery International
Made by Destruction explores how dis-
carded products around the world are
split apart, stripped down, melted, shred-
ded and re-invented in ingenious and
extraordinary ways.
Alphee photo still Mangoes "A Slice of Life" CC/DV
Mangoes TV Production Inc.
Khurram Suhrwardy, Paula J. Smith,
Agnes Lim, Adeel Suhrwardy
Mangoes is a multilingual South Asian
Canadian series presenting Canada as
the place where cultures from around
the world live in harmony while contribut-
ing to the cultural richness of the coun-
Alphee photo still Mohawk Girls, Season 5 CC/DV
Rezolution Pictures (Mohawk Girls) Inc.
Catherine Bainbridge, Ernest Webb,
Christina Fon, Linda Ludwick,
Tracey Deer, Cynthia Knight
A half-hour dramatic comedy about four
young women figuring out how to be
Mohawk in the 21st century. But with
their parents, friends, community and
even garbageman having an opinion,
it's an impossible task.
Alphee photo still Nahanni: River of Forgiveness CC/DV
River of Forgiveness Productions Ltd.
Gordon S. Henderson, Geoff Bowie,
Michael Allder
Documentary Channel
The Dene, Indigenous people in
Canada's Northwest Territories, build a
14-metre moose- skin boat and navigate
it down the Nahanni River, one of the
wildest rivers in the world.
Alphee photo still Pure, Season 2 CC/DV
Two East Productions Inc.
Peter Emerson, Brett Burlock,
David MacLeod, Michael Amo
Super Channel
Abandoned by her husband and ex-
communicated, Anna Funk is forced into
a compromising arrangement with a
cocaine trafficker. Meanwhile, fallen pas-
tor Noah Funk seeks redemption to win
back his family.
Alphee photo still Qanurli? CC/DV
Qanurli 7 Productions Inc.
Janice Dawe, Kathy Avrich-Johnson,
Stacey Aglok MacDonald,
Sarah Fodey, Thomas Anguti Johnston,
Vinnie Karetak, Joshua Qaumariaq,
Han Nguyen
At the heart of every Qanurli? misadven-
ture is the story of a group of friends
whose ultimate goal is to create televi-
sion in their Inuit language.
Alphee photo still Rogue Earth, Season 2 CC/DV
Productions Pixcom Inc.
Jacquelin Bouchard, Sylvie Desrochers,
Nicola Merola, Charles Lafortune
Discovery Canada
Season 2 of Rogue Earth investigates
the material and emotional conse-
quences of the 2013 Alberta floods
and 2016's Hurricane Matthew.
Alphee photo still Second Jen, Season 2 CC/DV
Second Jen II 2016 Inc.
Don Ferguson, Lucy Stewart,
Kevin Wallis, Amanda Joy,
Samantha Wan
Second Jen is a comedy series that
depicts the real – and really funny –
struggles of second-generation best
friends Jen and Mo tackling life's ups
and downs in downtown Toronto.
Alphee photo still The Good Nazi CC/DV
AP Major Plagge Productions Ltd.
Simcha Jacobovici, Felix Golubev
ZoomerMedia Ltd., KAN Israel
Our film tells the story of Major Karl
Plagge, the people he tried to rescue
and the individuals who survived
because of him. It's a story of heroism
and moral choices in the most immoral
of times.
Alphee photo still Travelers, Season CC/DV
Travelers Two Peacock Inc.
Carrie Mudd, Brad Wright,
John G. Lenic, Eric McCormack, Nick Huran
Showcase, Netflix
In Season 2, FBI Special Agent Grant
MacLaren and his team of time-traveling
specialists face their most difficult obsta-
cles yet, including the Faction, a deadly
virus and a mysterious new Traveler.
Alphee photo still Who Farted? CC/DV
Who Farted Movie Corporation
Nik Sheehan, Lynn Fuhr
Documentary Channel
Via a lively exploration of fart-lore, this
feature documentary is a darkly comical
twist on the greatest crisis of our time:
climate change.
Alphee photo still Wild Bear Rescue, Season 2 CC/DV
Wild Bear 2 Productions Ltd.
Gabriela Schonbach, Michael Chechik,
David Gullason, Brad Quenville,
Brian Hamilton
Animal Planet
Wild Bear Rescue follows the extraordi-
nary work of B.C.'s Northern Lights
Wildlife Centre, which rescues orphaned
bear cubs and raises them to be
released back in the wild.

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