Edward (Ted) S. Rogers

Edward (Ted) S. Rogers
(1933 - 2008)

“I am a proud Canadian and our culture and identity
are things worth fighting for and protecting.”

Ted Rogers constantly challenged old practices and conventional thinking. He was quick to introduce new ideas, methods, and products. And fearless about innovating and pioneering.

At 26, he won a license to operate Toronto´s first private TV station. Later that year, he bought CHFI, an FM radio station. And, before long, Ted made his first foray into cable television.

As he built the company, Ted always insisted that everything be the most up-to-date version. For instance, Rogers became the first company to provide high-speed Internet to homes across the country.

Ted was a passionate Canadian. From the very beginning, he made a conscious decision to build his business at home – giving Canadians one of the most advanced communications networks in the world.

As he made his mark as an entrepreneur, Ted took enormous pride in what Rogers could do for Canadians. All his life, he was on the lookout for ways to help people lead better lives. Through technology, of course, but also by making a difference – and investing in the Canadian film and television industry is one powerful example.

As Ted would have put it, “The best is yet to come.”


The Funds

  • 1980
    Rogers Telefund founded to provide interim financing when the production industry needs it most – when they´ve struck a deal and need to get rolling but have yet to be paid.
  • 1996
    Rogers Documentary Fund launched to support the creation of original Canadian documentaries.
  • 2000
    Rogers Cable Network Fund created to support the production of first-play cable network programming.

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