Rogers Documentary Fund

Rogers established the Rogers Documentary Fund in 1996 to foster the growth of documentary film production in this country in both official languages. Its creation helps to sustain Canada´s tradition of quality, independently produced documentary films and videos and ensure that these productions are seen by the widest possible audience.

There is a distinguished tradition of documentary filmmaking in Canada. In fact, the term "documentary" was coined by John Grierson, founder of the National Film Board of Canada. A pioneer filmmaker himself, Grierson described the documentary as the "creative treatment of reality". In the years since then, Canada has played a major role in creating, nurturing and exploring the art and craft of the documentary film. Canada´s image abroad has been shaped, in part, through our documentaries, and the talent of our filmmakers has received acclaim around the world.

To secure documentary filmmakers the opportunity to make their art, the Fund provides financing to original, high-quality, provocative and/or controversial documentaries that are licensed for prime time national broadcast. The Rogers Documentary Fund injects up to $2 million a year into documentary filmmaking in Canada.


Theatrical Documentary Program
(in partnership with Telefilm Canada)

Rogers Telefund launched a public-private partnership with Telefilm Canada which provides financing to theatrical documentaries at the production or post-production stage.

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