Rogers Cable Network Fund

Rogers Cable created the Rogers Cable Network Fund to support the production of first-play cable network programming in Canada. The number of Canadian cable networks has nearly tripled in the past ten years. With this increase has come more viewing choices for Canadians, additional opportunities for Canadian independent producers and increased competition for production financing.

To help alleviate this funding gap, the Rogers Cable Network Fund has been set up to provide approximately $9 million a year (based on a percentage of revenues) in equity financing to Canadian independent producers for television programming triggered by a first play on a Canadian cable network (i.e. a licensed Canadian specialty or premium service).

The goal of Rogers Cable Network Fund is to encourage the production of cable network programming from across the country. To achieve this, the Fund will invest up to 20% of the lesser of the total production budget or final cost of eligible projects to a maximum of $500,000 per project. The Fund supports the following programming genres: drama; documentaries; children´s programming; educational; instructional; performing arts and variety programming.

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